Facilities at Carroll National Golf Club

Explore the fantastic facilities at Carroll National Golf Club, designed to enhance your golfing experience and provide a family-friendly environment. Our amenities include a welcoming clubhouse, extensive practice grounds, and a refreshing pool for all guests.

Practice Grounds

Full Swing

Sharpen your skills at our full-length driving range, available for members and non-members alike. With options for small, medium, and large baskets, you can practice your full swing and improve your game.

SMALL $7.00
MEDIUM $9.00
LARGE $12.00
PRICE PER SEASON (Unlimited baskets)
SINGLE $200.00
COUPLE $250.00
FAMILY $300.00


Enhance your short game with our built-in chipping green, equipped with a bunker to practice your sand play. It's an excellent area to work on those crucial shots around the green.


Prepare for your next round on our large practice putting green. With multiple hole locations and natural undulation, you'll get a true feel for the greens and refine your putting skills.


Enjoy our family-friendly pool, available to all guests. It’s the perfect place to cool off, relax, and have fun with the whole family. Whether you’re taking a break from the course or spending the day with your loved ones, our pool offers a refreshing and enjoyable environment.


Our clubhouse is the heart of Carroll National Golf Club, offering a place to relax, socialize, and enjoy delicious meals at Mac & Rita’s Italian restaurant. Whether you’re coming off the course or just stopping by, the clubhouse is perfect for unwinding and connecting with friends.

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Experience the top-notch facilities at Carroll National Golf Club. Whether you’re practicing your swing, enjoying a meal at the clubhouse, or spending time by the pool, we have something for everyone. For more information or to plan your visit, please contact us at info@carrollnational.golf. We look forward to welcoming you!